Traffic Information

Access from the Tokyo area by car

Chuo Expressway 20 minutes from the Kawaguchiko interchange
Tomei Expressway Exit at the Gotemba interchange, 45 minutes via the East Fuji Five Lakes toll road
Exit at the Fuji interchange, 45 minutes via the west Fuji road

Access by car from the Kansai and Chukyo districts

Chuo Expressway Osaka, Nagoya ⇒ Komaki IC ⇒ Chuo Expressway (about 3 hours) ⇒ Ichinomiya-Misaka IC ⇒ National Highway 137 (about 40 minutes)
Tomei Expressway Osaka and Nagoya (about 3 hours) ⇒ Gotemba IC ⇒ National Route 138 (about 20 minutes) ⇒ Subashiri IC ⇒ National Route 138 (about 30 minutes) or east Fuji Five Lakes road (about 25 minutes) Yamanakako IC ⇒ Kawaguchiko

Access by train or bus

Access by train Shinjuku ⇒ JR Chuo Line (about 1 hour and 20 minutes) ⇒ Otsuki ⇒ Fujikyuko Line (about 1 hour) ⇒ Kawaguchiko Station
Shinjuku ⇒ JR Chuo Line … Fujikyuko Line (about 2 hours) ⇒ Kawaguchiko Station
Access by high-speed bus From Shinjuku, 1 hour 45 minutes by high speed bus, stop at Kawakuchiko Station (reservations are required)
Access by bus Take Fujikyuko bus from the JR Shinkansen Shin-Fuji/Mishima Station, stop at Kawaguchiko Station

Access from Kawaguchiko station by bus

Access by bus Access from Kawaguchiko station by bus
About 30 minutes by bus from Kawaguchiko Station (wind cave or ice cave bus stop)
Shin-Fuji Station, Shiimobe Osenkyo …Lake Motosu …Lake Shoji … Kawaguchiko Station … Fujikyu Highlands …Fujisan Station
Bus timetable
Retro bus Retro bus
Kawaguchiko/Saiko area coupon
(Kawaguchiko loop/Nishiko-Aokigahara loop, all-you-can-ride for two days)
(Get off at wind cave or ice cave bus stop)
※ Free retro bus coupon from Kawaguchiko Station (all-you-can-ride for two days) The "retro bus" also operates daily.

Entrance fee

Normal Adult
¥ 350
¥ 200
15 people or more Adult
¥ 250
¥ 100
junior high school age and higher
¥ 200
elementary school age
¥ 100

※Entrance for infant organizations with 15 or more children will be charged at the childrens rate

WIND CAVE Advance tikets
ICE CAVE Advance tikets